Software for MR scanner - £50,000 raised

Thanks to the generosity of one donor we were able to upgrade the hospital’s magnetic resonance (MR) scanner to undertake a specialised type of scanning called Arterial Spin Labelling.  This very advanced imaging technique enables our radiologists to analyse in minute detail the blood flow through a child's brain, enabling us to determine if a part of the brain is being starved of oxygen or if there is some damage to a part of the brain.  In turn, this provides critical diagnostic information in a wide range of clinical conditions in children such as brain tumours, water on the brain and strokes. 

The use of this software, and the specialised scanning that it enables, is a first within the clinical setting of not only children's but also adult healthcare in Manchester, and will help the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital provide state of the art imaging that would otherwise not be available to people in Manchester.