Mini C Arm X-Ray

Cost £33,000

A mini C-Arm is an X-Ray machine that scans a specific body area, usually the upper body, while allowing clinicians to view the results in real time, live on the monitor screen during surgery.

Currently, a radiographer is required to operate our existing medical imaging equipment, meaning that operations sometimes have to be delayed until a radiographer is available.  As the Mini C Arm emits low levels of radiation, doctors and nurses can be trained to use it, eliminating the need to wait for the availability of a radiographer. 

In removing the need to wait for a radiographer, the Mini C Arm will provide the opportunity for our surgeons to see more patients.  It will also allow greater flexibility in scheduling surgical appointments for minor trauma procedures, with the opportunity to stagger admission times, providing families with specific appointment times, helping them to plan around work and family commitments.   Most importantly, the Mini C Arm will ensure that the length of time our young patients are nil-by-mouth whilst waiting for their surgery is reduced, meaning they can be discharged and back home with their families sooner.