Making a Difference...Together

Our kind supporters Peninsula Group will be matching fundraising by businesses for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity throughout 2023.

The new initiative, known as Making a Difference…Together, will see Peninsula Group setting aside £100,000 to match-fund businesses who want to raise funds for the Charity. Each business will have their fundraising matched up to £5,000. Of course they’re welcome to raise more, but matching beyond £5,000 will be at Peninsula Group’s discretion. If enough businesses sign up, the initiative will be worth £200,000 for the Charity.

It’s hoped Making a Difference…Together will help attract new corporate fundraisers to the Charity, as well as reigniting enthusiasm for support from businesses who perhaps made a donation several years ago.

The fundraising can be done any way the businesses and companies wish – whether that be joining one of the Charity’s own events, taking part in another event, or organising their own fundraising activities. The only limit is imagination!

There is also no limit on where the business is based – just like the hospital’s young patients, they can be from anywhere in the UK and beyond.

While some businesses have already joined the scheme, there is still room for plenty more. Anyone wishing to be part of the scheme and have their fundraising matched by Peninsula Group can complete a quick form on or call the Charity Office on 0161 276 4522 and ask to speak to a member of the Corporate Fundraising Team.

How it all began

Peninsula Group first started fundraising for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity in 2019. Back then they pledged £1million for the Charity’s iMRI Scanner Appeal.

During Covid they upped this pledge to £2million and announced they’d raised the full amount at a Christmas celebration in 2022.

For 2023 they have pledged a further £1million – this time for the Charity’s general funds. This means that rather than fundraising for a particular ward or project, the hospital’s doctors and nurses can use the money wherever it is needed most.

Making a Difference…Together will form part of this new £1million pledge.

Sign up now

Click here to sign up now or contact our Corporate Team on 0161 276 4522 to find out more.