FUJIFILM FDR Go Flex DR Imaging System - £80,000

Mobile x-ray units can be used at a patient’s bedside when they are considered clinically too unwell to be taken to the x-ray department. For these babies and children it is essential that once the x-ray is taken the information it provides is available for the doctors to interpret as soon as possible. Currently the traditional methods employed still rely on the radiographers having to leave the patient’s bedside to process the x-ray, often causing delays.

The purchase of the Go-Flex DR Imaging system would allow the current mobile equipment to be adapted so that images are instantly available to the radiographer and clinician whilst still at the bedside.  Amongst the numerous benefits this provides for the patient are quicker assessment, diagnosis and commencement of treatment, minimal disruption if repeat x-rays are required and reduced handling of patients, reducing the risk of both infection and the possibility of disturbing lines and tubes.