Project Archive

  • Cost - £85,000

    Music is proven to help reduce the impact of hospitalisation and illness, giving children the access to play and self-expression. 

  • Cost - £42,000

    It's important for family members to be able to stay at the child’s bedside, especially when their child is being treated on the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)...

  • Cost - £185,000

    Brain tumours are the most common solid tumours of childhood, and also the most deadly. Our surgeons perform around 50 brain tumour operations per year. We want to help them provide an exact diagnosis quicker...

  • Cost - £100,000

    Our Paediatric Cardiology Out-patient Department treats up to 200 young patients every week for the diagnosis and management of heart disease. We'd like to provide a new echo machine for quicker and more accurate images. 

  • Cost - £33,000

    We'd like to provide a mini C-Arm, an X-Ray machine that scans a specific body area, to allow clinicians to view results in real time, live on the monitor during surgery.