Danielle's Story

Danielle from Bolton suffered a life-threatening head injury when she was struck by a car while out on a family walk aged 15. Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital saved her life, which inspired her when choosing her career…

I was out on a walk when a car mounted the pavement and hit my mum Sarah, and then me. I don’t remember what happened next but my mum says I was thrown in the air and landed head first on the pavement. I was bleeding heavily and she thought I was going to die.

Mum gave me mouth to mouth and put me in the recovery position until the air ambulance arrived. The helicopter flew us to a nearby park and then we had to wait half an hour for a land ambulance to take me to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

My parents were told I had an arterial bleed on the brain and I was going to have surgery for a while. I also had an extradural hematoma and skull fracture, fractured ribs, cheeks and right wrist and lacerations to my ear. It was a harrowing time for them.

I was in an induced coma in hospital for four weeks. Consultants were worried I had a more severe brain injury than they’d first thought. But then I started making small steps in recovery which would have taken other people months. A few months after the accident I was discharged from hospital – everyone was amazed at the progress I’d made.

I supported the Helipad Appeal [this Appeal has now closed. Thank you for all your support]. I know having an air ambulance able to land at the hospital, rather than in a park, would mean I arrived at hospital much quicker. When someone suffers an injury like mine, every second is so important. The less time it takes people to get the treatment they need, the better.

A dedicated landing pad on the Manchester Hospitals site will make an amazing difference and I look forward to it opening.

I can’t thank staff at the hospital enough. I was dying and bleeding from the brain - I know I was lucky to survive. That’s thanks to the amazing team of people who looked after me. As a family we’re very proud we’ve been able to raise almost £20,000 for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity.

I was so inspired by all the wonderful staff who looked after me on Ward 78, I’ve since returned there as a student nurse. It’s amazing that I now get to work with children who are being treated for neurological conditions just like I was.