vCreate Video Messaging for parents of critically ill children - £9,850

Children treated in our Paediatric Intensive Care and/or High Dependency units often stay on the unit for a long period of time, and parents are not always able to stay with their child while he or she is in hospital, particularly if they have other children at home to look after. As such, many parents have to travel a considerable distance to visit their child.

It can be difficult for families to maintain a strong bond while a child is hospitalised, and many parents find the environment of our Intensive Care and High Dependency units overwhelming. 

vCreate is a video messaging service that lets staff record and send secure video updates to parents when they’re unable to be by their child’s side, which keeps them connected, minimises anxiety and helps them feel reassured that their child is in the best possible place, strengthening parental involvement in patient care when they are not able to be physically present.