USCOM Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Monitor - £22,240

Every year, the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit receives approximately 800 admissions with many of these children needing cardiac support and drugs to improve their blood pressure as well as their heart function monitoring.  Presently the Unit uses standard cardiac monitoring tools alongside an invasive system that requires the patient to have monitoring lines and leads inserted into their body. Not only can this cause complications for the child, but it can also be very distressing for parents at an already difficult time.

We would like to help these critically ill children by providing the Unit with a piece of equipment known as an Ultrasonic Cardiac Output Monitor (USCOM). USCOM is a simple, fast and reliable non-invasive monitoring system that is based on ultrasound technology. Not only will the USCOM mean that the Critical Care Team can access important and relevant data more quickly, aiding the treatment process, this non-invasive method will also help to reduce the distress experienced by the parent at the child’s bedside.