Sonosite Ultrasound System - £42,000

With over 9,500 surgical procedures carried out in our hospital each year, the need to ensure safe and effective treatment with minimal complications and swift recovery times is vital. Ultrasound is a hugely effective tool in achieving this, providing anaesthetists and surgeons with very clear images without the need for x-ray and therefore allowing for highly accurate placement of pain blocks during a wide range of surgical procedures. This, in turn, reduces a child’s post-operative pain, allowing them to become mobile more quickly and ultimately enabling them to leave hospital sooner. 

The purchase of a Sonosite Ultrasound System will enable the most accurate placement of pain blocks possible, ultimately meaning we can help more children to go home sooner.  This invaluable tool will also ensure successful first-time insertion of central venous lines, allow very accurate injection of Botox into the joints of children with very limited movement due to muscle spasticity, and also assist in procedures from a wide range of specialties, including orthopaedics, burns and rheumatology.