Progressa bed systems for critically ill or injured children - £336,000

Often, children cared for by our Critical Care teams (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit) can’t leave their beds due to the severity of their condition, or due to the presence of life sustaining medical lines and attachments.

These children can’t take part in the regular therapy and play that other children in hospital can, and being confined to their beds can leave them at a significantly higher risk of problems such as pressure ulcers and muscle mass deterioration. 

However, the Progressa bed system ensures that bed-bound patients still receive the highest quality of care. It supports early mobilisation without compromising the safety of the patient or the caregiver, and it allows patients to be positioned in a supportive way that reduces incidences of ventilator acquired pneumonia or pressure sores. It can also weigh children, allowing medical staff to ensure efficiency in prescriptions. In addition to the medical benefits of the bed, the Progressa bed system promotes daily play and other activities, as it allows the children to sit upright and interact with staff and their loved ones, significantly improving their overall hospital experience.