2009 - Adam Lane

Lives: Stockport

Story: Harley Lane almost died when he suffered from meningitis back in 2009 and lost all four limbs in his battle to stay alive.

Although he wasn’t expected to live, Harley has achieved many great things in his life, including carrying the bride’s wedding ring when his mum and dad, Samantha and Adam, tied the knot.

Harley is now 13 years old and most recently had scar release surgery in March this year.

2011 - Nicola Geldard

Lives: Stockport

Story: Nicola’s son Oliver has had numerous surgeries and procedures on his spine to treat severe kyphoscoliosis, a deformity of the spine which has required him to wear a traction weighted metal frame for several months.

Oliver, who was born in 2011, has been in and out of hospital all his life. His latest visit started in October 2018. On Tuesday, 21st May, just two days after the Great Manchester Run, he will undergo surgery to insert rods to help straighten his back.

2012 - Brooke Taylor

Lives: Lostock, Bolton  
Story: Brooke has been receiving treatment at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital since she was a baby, after she was born with a rare pelvic tumour. In addition, she has a condition called congenital spondylolisthesis, which means her spine can slip out of place. Over the last 17 years, Brooke has received treatment and undergone numerous procedures, including surgery to her spine. In fact, she’s had more operations than birthdays!

2013 - Declan McEntee

Lives: Burnage, Greater Manchester

Story: This will be Declan’s very first Great Manchester Run but Declan is no stranger to RMCH Charity. In fact, Declan and his family have raised more than £16,000 for the cause over the years.

2014 - Joe Rigby

Lives: Bolton

Story: Joe’s sister was 15 years old when a car mounted the pavement and hit her while she was out on a family walk back in 2014. She was thrown in the air and bleeding heavily – everyone thought she was going to die.

Thankfully she made a remarkable recovery, thanks to the treatment she received at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. She was so inspired by all the staff that looked after her on Ward 78, she has since returned there as a student nurse – working with children with neurological conditions just like her.

2015 - Hannah Barston

Lives: St. Helens

Story: Hannah will be running with Team Zac in memory of her brother who sadly passed away on 30th March 2015 aged just 10 years, after a brave battle with the brain tumour Glioblastoma Multiforme. She will be running with her mum Donna, dad Jeff plus friends John, James, Amy and they will be cheered on by Beth, Mark and Sue.

2016 - Ian Cubbin

Lives: Wigan 
Story: Ian, 45, is running in honour of his son Josh, who was just three years old when he was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer known as Burkitts Lymphoma. For four months in 2014 Josh’s home was Ward 84.

Josh was given the VIP treatment in 2016 when he was the special guest race starter for the Junior and Mini Great Manchester Run, so it’s fitting that this is the year his dad will represent when he runs in Team 10.

2017 - Nick Lewis

Lives: Holmes Chapel

Story: Nick’s daughter Freya is a Manchester Arena bombing survivor and is also running the 10K this year. Both Nick and Freya will be doing the run in support of RMCH Charity and have been avid supporters ever since the life-changing events of 2017.

Freya was just 14 when she suffered multiple fractures, lacerations and burns after being hit by shrapnel at the Ariana Grande concert two years ago. Her friend and classmate Nell Jones was tragically killed in the blast.