Dress To Impress... for the NHS!

06 July 2022

Celebrate our hospitals and staff, and the birthday of our much-loved NHS, by making a small donation and wearing something fun – whether it’s going all out with a full day of fancy dress and face paint, or as simple as wearing odd socks for the day, anything counts!

Join the celebrations today! Follow these easy steps:

1. Sign up
Register for your free Dress to Impress fundraising guide here and wear something fun for the day on Wednesday 6th July – or any day that week.

2. Wear something fun
Rally the troops at work, school, home, or wherever you may be, and ask everyone to wear something fun for the day and make a donation.

3. Make a difference
Use your fundraising to make a difference to our patients, families, NHS teams and hospitals, both now and in the future.