Enhancement of the Paediatric Emergency Department (PED) - £185,000

Every year, the Paediatric Emergency Department sees approximately 46,000 children of all ages from across the north-west. Every visit is at best unplanned and at worst an emergency, often creating high levels of anxiety in both the child and their family.

Whilst the PED provides the highest level of clinical care, the facility itself is stark and unwelcoming, lacking any opportunities for play or stimulation. Studies have shown that such diversions can greatly help to relax and reassure young patients, reducing stress levels and subsequently making assessment and treatment easier for our medical teams to complete.

With your help, we want to undergo a programme of refurbishment of the department, introducing facilities for play and entertainment, artwork to stimulate and distract in both corridors and treatment rooms, and a colourful and welcoming introduction to the hospital from the moment a patient and their family arrives.