DNA Methylation Profiling

Cost - £185,000

Brain tumours are the most common solid tumours of childhood, and also the most deadly. Our surgeons perform around 50 brain tumour operations per year. 

New classifications by the World Health Organisation in 2016 mean that there are now more than 100 types of paediatric brain tumour, many of which can look the same under a microscope.  For this reason, analysis of the genetic make-up of brain tumours, known as DNA methylation profiling, is becoming increasingly important in terms of ensuring the correct diagnosis and therefore the best treatment and future for our young patients. 

There are only very few centres globally that offer this service.  Currently we have to send samples to London, Germany and Canada for analysis, which can take up to 6 weeks before results are back, leading to delays in treatment.

We want to provide our clinicians with DNA methylation profiling technology, right here in Manchester.  This state of the art, cutting edge technology will help accurately diagnose the different types of brain tumour quickly so that we can provide the best and most appropriate treatment quickly for our young patients, giving them the best possible hope for the future.

Improving our ability to diagnose and treat brain tumours here in Manchester will dramatically reduce waiting times from up to six weeks to just 3-5 days, removing any delays in treatment.  

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