2010 - Michelle Whalley

Lives: Cumbria

Story: Michelle has created her own little team and will be running with her mum Jenny, Charlie’s godmother Melanie and friend Leah. Michelle’s son Charlie was treated in RMCH’s Burns Unit when he was just 15 months old. The hospital saved his life after he suffered 10% burns – he’d accidentally pulled a pan of boiling water from the kitchen hob over himself, scalding his whole right arm and some of his torso. Charlie is now 10 and still has daily physiotherapy at home. Michelle regularly treats Charlie’s skin with massages and creams to enable flexibility, as grafted skin doesn’t stretch and grow well.

She said: “He is absolutely thriving and lives a full and adventurous life. We continue to be extremely grateful to RMCH because what the wonderful team at the Burns Unit has done is give Charlie a normal childhood.

“He was only a baby when he was burnt, so he’s grown up with his scars. They haven’t stopped him from making and keeping fabulous friends, from doing well in school and from getting stuck in to whatever he wants to do.”

Charlie and Michelle are now producing two books they hope to have in the unit: one for children and one for parents and carers. They want to give patients and carers hope in what can be a traumatic time. Michelle said: “We want to reassure them that having scars and a skin graft doesn’t have to stop you from living a full and fulfilled life without limits.”

Michelle’s thoughts on Team 10: "It was an absolute honour and privilege to be asked to join. The four of us had already signed up to the Manchester 10K for RMCH Charity anyway so being invited into Team 10 was the icing on the cake this year."

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